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If you keep them in a travel carrier, they’ll do fine on shorter distances. On longer distances though, you’ll have to make sure they have access to some water and food.

The bottom sliding tray will help you with easy cleaning. Because of rolling wheels, you can move it around, and there are safety brakes to make your cage stay hinein place. The bottom shelf is perfect for storing the food.

The body which is made of chew-proof gray wire mesh can easily Beryllium detached from the base, thus easing the cleaning and maintenance of the cage.

This 4x2 C&C stacked cage is a great option if you wish to conserve space and provides ample room for your piggies to zulauf around in! Cute and practical!

Its a very simple yet effective design; all you need to do is slot the 8 grid panels together with the multi-angle connectors provided, attach the floor mat, and secure with zip ties. There are also non-slip pads protect your floor from any scratches or marks. Key Specifications

To ease access, the cage has a wide Vorderseite door that allows you to feed your pets and clean the cage comfortably.

Living world deluxe habitat has many features which make it suitable to house guinea pigs comfortably, it has a water bottle part, a food bowl to hold pellets, a hayrack to feed the pets, and a hideaway to sleep hinein securely.

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This product is great for those looking for a wooden cage that offers a comfortable and well-ventilated space for their guinea pigs.

That feeding bowl is present on an elevated panel which further has a connection with an escalating ramp. Therefore, guinny’s will have a dedicated space to eat. Beneath their feeding area, there is a large space that gives a private space for rodents to Ausschuss or sleep. There is a top and side door opening that allows individuals to get easy access and visibility.

Petco is a Feuersnot that provides years of service hinein animal welfare with its wide Warenangebot of products and cages for small animals. The Petco fun guinea pig cages are strong, sturdy, and durable that last a long time while not being heavy on individuals’ pockets.

Avoid small pet cages best cages for guinea pigs with wire-grid flooring. These can cause serious damage to a guinea pig’s sensitive feet. Always choose a model with a smooth floor surface.

If you’Bezeichnung für eine antwort im email-verkehr looking for some space-saving design, this corner cage is a great choice. Spacious space for comfort and rolling wheels for quick moving.

Travel carriers provide a nice, safe enclosure where they can feel comfortable while you’Response taking them from point A to point B.

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